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Cooperative Practice offers a variety of benefits, among the most significant being the opportunity to control...

This year we had a booth at the Family Law Institute and sponsored the AFCC seminar.

We have monthly meetings, usually held the third Wednesday of each month at the Women's Club of Minneapolis.

2013-2015 Executive Committee Members.

Cooperative Practice is a client-centered approach aimed at helping participants reach agreements that satisfy their best interests. A cornerstone of the Cooperative Process is a Participation Agreement which defines and governs how the process will unfold. With the help of their lawyers, participants customize their Participation Agreement to fit their unique needs and circumstances. The Participation Agreement provides participants with the opportunity to make informed choices from the full spectum of negotiation models and dispute-resolution mechanisms. The process is flexible, and may move between negotiation models, dispute-resolution mechanisms, litigation and back again, as needed. Participants always have the option to terminate the Cooperative Process entirely and proceed in traditional litigation at any time. Participants have the option for continued representation by their Cooperative lawyers.


MAXIMIZING Options & CREATING Client-Centered  Agreements